Monday, 13 June 2016

Treat Autism, Save Your Child

Autism has  increased steadily in the recent years. What is autism?? Autism is the developmental disorder found in children. Children who underwent the diagnosis are found to have some characteristic impairment in verbal and nonverbal communication, sensory experiences, unexplained anger, difficulties in adaptive to changes. Children with same diagnosis may act from from one another. Characteristics of autism are also seen other disorders like Tuberous Sclerosis.

Is Autism Caused By Parents??

This was the normal question raised up in earlier days. The discussions were done about this topic for past years. Later, it’s found out that parents can’t do nothing consciously or unknowingly. Neurobiological disorder affects the functioning of the brain. The parents should realize a hard factor that there is no cure for autism. And it doesn't mean that nothing can be done for autism. Early diagnosis and early intervention lead to significantly improved long term outcome.

Importance of early intervention in autism

As mentioned before, autism can’t be cured. Here the importance of (EI) Early Intervention Program arise. EI is the services given to children from early infancy to the age till six. It has impact on reducing the symptoms of autism as young brain. EI maximize potential of every child who is having autism.

EN1 neuro offers Autism Treatment In Mumbai. Along with this treatment EN1 neuro offers two intervention programs. I-connect and Communication DEALL are these two programs.

Communication DEALL
It is one of the intervention program for the children with autism disorder . it mainly aims for the improving the potential by intensive pre-school intervention. Communication DEALL provides intervention program along with 8 developmental domains such as gross and fine motor skills self-help, communication, cognition, social and emotional skills.


This intervention is provided for children who are not eligible for the Communication DEALL because of their age. It works on the same principle of the Communication DEALL. It offers team targeting pre-requisite learning & and other skills in various developmental domains after thorough assessment and planning.

If any parents are finding the symptoms of autism in their child. Don’t waste time, rush into EN1 euro. They provides different programs like Early Intervention, Language Development, Child Development, Learning And Interaction and also provides Special Programs. Save your kids from autism without wasting a single second.

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